The Colcha Project Exhibition The Colcha Project Exhibition

Please mark your calendars! The Colcha Project opens at the Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University on March 6th from 5-9pm! Come see how this project has reached out to so many participants and created amazing collaborative works! Then crochet with us to create a new quilt in the gallery during the exhibition. You can join in anytime during gallery hours or join us on special meetings every Sunday. Beginners are highly encouraged to come and learn.

The Colcha Project
Monday March 5th – Wednesday April 4th, 2012
Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 6th – 5pm to 9pm
Colcha Stitch-In and Potluck Sundays – March 18th, 25th and April 1st, 1pm to 5pm

-image by Christina Alessi of Underwater Colcha

“The Colcha Project,” curated by Doris Cacoilo and Jeanne Brasile is being presented at the Walsh Gallery. The traveling exhibition is an ongoing project that uses crochet as a catalyst for bringing people together in collaborative modes of creativity and in exploration of culture and community. In the Portuguese tradition, colcha (quilts) are crocheted for and included in a woman’s bridal chest and may be handed down through generations. “The Colcha Project” was developed by Cacoilo as a way to share this tradition with others, inviting guests to participate in the creation of new colcha while visiting the gallery. Each iteration of the project results in a new quilt, which shall be on display in subsequent exhibitions. The documentation of making each quilt also becomes part of “The Colcha Project” as each participant adds their story to its history.

Join the project!!

In addition to the colcha that have been made, a quilt in progress will be on display in the gallery and visitors will be encouraged to contribute to its making. Each Sunday between the hours of 1pm and 5pm while “The Colcha Project” is on view in the Walsh Gallery, visitors are invited to join the curators and other members of the group to crochet, share their stories and become part of the “The Colcha Project.” Yarn and needles will be provided for those who do not have their own. A potluck lunch will be served each Sunday. Participants are encourage to bring food and stitches to share. Beginners are highly encouraged to come and learn.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, March 6th – 5pm to 9pm
Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/events/312466262134648/

Colcha Stitch-In and Potluck Sundays – March 18th, 25th and April 1st, 1pm to 5pm
March 18 http://www.facebook.com/events/154384671346781/
March 25 http://www.facebook.com/events/371029766260473/
April 1 http://www.facebook.com/events/177012529079052/

Call for Entries: the Colcha Project Exhibition Call for Entries: the Colcha Project Exhibition

Call for participation in the Colcha Project Exhibition!

colchacall.jpgI would like to invite you to create an art experience using the instructions of the Colcha Project and exhibit the project you create at The Colcha Project Exhibition in March 2012 at The Walsh Gallery in NJ.

A Colcha is a quilt created by several participants who work together at regular meetings while collectively design the theme of the meetings and the quilt. Discussions, food and shared inspirations become part of the creation process and part of the project. Follow the directions below to create a colcha/quilt of your own and submit it for exhibition this March!

Deadline: The quilt must be completed by February 15th. You must contact me by January 15th to let me know you would like to be in The Colcha Project Exhibition (submission form below.) Crochet projects are encouraged, but projects can be created in any medium and do not need to be in crochet.

Suggested uses for the Colcha project:
*Bringing together family members.
*Team-building activity.
*Artists learning crochet again.
*Collective escapist therapy from computers (mostly.)
*Art community building.
*Meeting people in a new city.
*School group project.
*Creative meeting of the minds.
*To cover up secret political think tank meetings.
*Prioritizing time with a group of friends.
*Creating peace.
*Keeping warm.

Once you decide what sort of colcha to make with your selected participants. Get to it!

Join The Colcha Project! Follow the directions below to create a colcha and then submit for exhibition!!
1. Bring together a group of participants (3, 5 or 10 it all works)
2. Plan a meeting schedule (once or twice a week or daily…it’s up to you)
3. Design and plan the colcha, select the theme of the colcha and gather the materials participants will use to create it.
4. Complete the colcha collectively, meeting regularly to quilt pieces together and to work collaboratively.
5. Document the process. (photographs and even video)

Here are some suggestions for the meetings:
-Have the participants bring inspirational objects: books, guides, art, good luck charms, extra tools, music.-Encourage participants to bring and share food at the meetings.
-Keep track of inspirational or hilarious quotes at the meetings.
-Pass out awards.
-Keep a journal of the process.


Email the required information below to thecolchaproject.org (with your images) or submit the info with our ONLINE SUBMISSION.
Description of the Coicha (or intended Colcha), the participants and the meetings:
Bio/Artist Statement (not mandatory):
Images (15-20 images of the completed Colcha as well as images of the meetings and the participants.)

Please submit this information with 15-20 images by email to thecolchaproject@gmail.com. During preparation for exhibition, we will contact you about exhibition details, shipment of the colcha as well as to submit several images for the exhibition.


Wildernets Wildernets

Created in collaboration with Sonali Sridhar and Mouna Andraos Wildernets are portable crochet structures that create experiences of wilderness in public spaces.


A new twist on the trend of rediscovering nature, Wildernets, large scale crochet nets with embedded electronics, can be deployed in various settings, bringing the experiences of the forest, trees, birds and night skies to any environment. Wildernets transform the physical configuration and social dimensions of an urban space by overlaying a synthesized “natural” environment.

Wildernets recall a natural space not available to the city dweller, alluding to a rural experience in any setting; interrupting the architecture and the pedestrian to create an improvised experience in collective action, social intervention and DIY technology.

Wildernets fit in a backpack and can be recharged through solar power during the day for the full sound and light experience from dusk to dawn.

Click on the image or here for more images and video of Wildernets.


Presented at the 2008 Conflux Festival NYC, at Park(ing) Day Redux NYC at Eyebeam, and at [ESC] NYC

Colcha Performance! Colcha Performance!

Colcha takes on another iteration as a short performance including a new audio piece for the Chrysalis project. In collaboration with many colcha participants turned performers, Colcha, came to life to inspire nostalgia, community and longing. Listen to the audio from the performance here. Or click on the image below. Video coming soon…..


Colcha as part of Chrysalis at University Settlement presented by The Performance Project

Multimedia Artworks, Performances and Transformations by
Eben Lillie, Sherrard Bostwick, Juliana Cope, Lauren “Larken” Spees, Amy Leonard, Doris Cacoilo, Ian Crysal & Aloyse Blair

Saturday, March 1 2008 @ 8pm

A collaborative of technological artist savants offers an evening of cinematic performances that explore how we balance change and the need to belong. These multi-media works weave together painterly sounds and movements, illuminated by hauntingly beautiful video projections, leaving lingering impressions of a voyage well traveled. The Performance Project @ University Settlement is located at
184 Eldridge Street on the corner of Rivington Street.


Colcha at CUNY Grad Center Colcha at CUNY Grad Center

Colcha was exhibited at the CUNY Graduate Center
Hunter College MFA in Integrated Media Arts Show — MX3
December 21st, 2007


more images: here

Colcha presented at Hunter College Colcha presented at Hunter College

Colcha was presented at Hunter College, of the City University of New York, at the department of Integrated Media Arts December 12th, 2007.


Golden Colcha is Complete! Golden Colcha is Complete!

We finished the Golden Colcha in Harlem at Joanna Rose White’s home. Joanna hosted and fed us a delicious minestrone soup and lots of bread and desserts. During some adventures involving fire alarms and photoshoots we finished the crazy Golden Colcha. We were able to spend some time playing and  snuggling with it. We lamented that the process had come to a close, but agreed it had been eye-opening, and immensely fruitful. We enjoyed the successes of the blanket and loved the final result. It was the meetings of course that we would remember and miss.


Please see the Golden Colcha page for more details and a gallery of pictures.

Wedding Colcha is complete! Wedding Colcha is complete!

Wedding Colcha was completed in a special extra meeting where the participants came together to attach a few last pieces to the colcha. Christine da Cruz joined us to photograph the last meeting. Delcina Regueiro hosted the meeting and surprised everyone with a cooking class. She showed everyone how to make a group favorite which she had shared with us before–a chicken empanada. After the cooking lesson all remaining crochet pieces were attached. A special last square–a square made by my mother at least 25 years ago–was attached at the very end to complete the colcha.

Wedding Colcha final meeting

This special last square was found while digging up the colcha my mother had made which inspired the Wedding Colcha. It was the exact size we needed to fit the colcha and we promptly decided it needed to be added.

Please see the Wedding Colcha page for more details and a gallery of pictures.

What will your colcha look like? What will your colcha look like?

Print out a guide and get crocheting!