Anatomical Barbie Anatomical Barbie

The Colcha Anatomical Barbie was created by:Carrie Ganz, Kath Meadows, Jarah Moesch, Lauren Sims and Lara Skibbie.



The Colcha: Mattel’s Barbie Dolls have come under tremendous critique, from her absurd measurements to the reification of gendered stereotypes in United States culture, yet generations of children still play with them, creating narratives around the dolls and their accessories. The Barbie Body Bag Blanket is a playful take on the social pressures that produce Barbie as idealized feminine perfection- but from the inside. Instead of focusing on her exterior, on her traditional playthings, such as shoes, dresses and hats, gallery-participants will accessorize Barbie with that which she has never had: internal organs and non-distorted body parts, enabling different narratives, such as “Going-Out Barbie” complete with disco uterus and pierced labia. Gallery participants will be able to sit on the colcha and accessorize Barbie with various body parts and internal organs, such as an anatomically correct heart, and non-distorted brain, femur and stomach. Additionally, participants will also be able to play and swap-out fun decorative organs such as uteri, labias, belly buttons, mouths, a valentine heart, a penis, intestines and hair.




The Meetings: They would meet two to three times per week. They would drink tea, eat and talk.