Golden Colcha Golden Colcha

The Golden Colcha was made by me and a group of artists in the autumn of 2007. The participants met for 6 weeks on Sundays to work together on a large crochet colcha. We decided to work in shades of gold. Any materials were acceptable. The idea of gold was to highlight the concepts around value and the handmade and also to critique the distribution of wealth and perceived measurements of success. Each person completed one or multiple pieces to add to the growing blanket. Later meetings were spent attaching all of the pieces and finalizing the design. The finished colcha is whimsical, interactive and fun.


Participants: Pollie Barden, Francisca Caporali, Karen Demavivas, Amie Figueiredo, Stephanie Tichenor, Moira Holohan, Mary Jeys, Joanna Rose White