Wedding Colcha is complete! Wedding Colcha is complete!

Wedding Colcha was completed in a special extra meeting where the participants came together to attach a few last pieces to the colcha. Christine da Cruz joined us to photograph the last meeting. Delcina Regueiro hosted the meeting and surprised everyone with a cooking class. She showed everyone how to make a group favorite which she had shared with us before–a chicken empanada. After the cooking lesson all remaining crochet pieces were attached. A special last square–a square made by my mother at least 25 years ago–was attached at the very end to complete the colcha.

Wedding Colcha final meeting

This special last square was found while digging up the colcha my mother had made which inspired the Wedding Colcha. It was the exact size we needed to fit the colcha and we promptly decided it needed to be added.

Please see the Wedding Colcha page for more details and a gallery of pictures.