Wedding Colcha Wedding Colcha

The Wedding Colcha was made by a group of family members in the summer of 2007. Beginning in early July members of my maternal family and I met every Sunday for six weeks to design and make a crochet colcha together. Each week members would spend time teaching beginners, crocheting squares, attaching squares, eating, drinking, catching up and learning from each other.


We had never done anything like this as a family. Approaching the family traditions of crochet from my point of view as an artist was also a new development for everyone. The experience proved to be filled with surprises and pleasant successes. The project formed such a strong relationship between the group and the idea of collective, that many of the participants are planning to meet regularly to create another colcha.

Participants: Dulce Brito, Gabriela Brito, Maria Brito, Stephanie Brito, Corina Caçoilo, Janete da Rocha, Lenice da Rocha, Rosa Ferreira, Rosita Ferreira, Carla Louro, Isabel Nunes, Jessica Nunes, Delcina Regueiro, Neide Ribau, Raquel Ribau, Helena Rocha